Luggage Hold Belt Striker

About this product

The Luggage Hold Belt Striker (#58461-04030), a crucial part within the Rear Body Side Panel system of your Toyota, plays a fundamental role in securing your cargo. This auto part works by locking into the luggage hold belt, providing a stable hold for luggage during transit. Genuine Toyota parts like the Luggage Hold Belt Striker (#58461-04030) offer optimal vehicle compatibility, being designed specifically for Toyota vehicles. Backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, this authentic part ensures your luggage security during your journeys. Over time, due to regular use and wear, this part may need replacement. If the Luggage Hold Belt Striker (#58461-04030) becomes old or broken, your cargo might not be secured correctly, posing a potential risk. So, a working, up-to-date striker is essential for safe and efficient load transportation. In conclusion, the Luggage Hold Belt Striker (#58461-04030) significantly contributes to vehicle safety by securing cargo effectively.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 58461-04030

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