Front Floor Foot Rest Assembly

About this product

The Front Floor Foot Rest Assembly (#58190-60050), a pivotal component in the Front Floor Panel & Front Floor Member system of Toyota vehicles, plays a crucial role in driver comfort and control. This assembly provides a stable platform for the driver's left foot when it's not engaged in pedal operation, enhancing driving stability and vehicle control. Over time, this part can wear down, obstructing comfort and potentially affecting vehicle operation. Thus, periodic replacement with genuine Toyota parts, backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, is critical for maintaining compatibility and overall system performance. When this part is not functioning optimally, it may diminish driver comfort and potentially impair driving control. By maintaining the integrity of the Front Floor Foot Rest Assembly (#58190-60050), drivers can ensure optimal vehicle control and comfort, contributing to the overall safety and efficiency of the vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 58190-60050

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