Deck Board Reinforcement Sub-Assembly

About this product

A vital component in the Rear Floor Panel & Rear Floor Member system is the Deck Board Reinforcement Sub-Assembly (#58403-0C010). This body part primarily bolsters the strength and durability of the vehicle's deck board, supporting the weight of cargo and reducing stress on the vehicle's frame. Genuine parts like this one ensure optimal compatibility with the specific make and model of Toyota vehicles, enhancing performance and longevity. Should the Deck Board Reinforcement Sub-Assembly (#58403-0C010) become worn, damaged, or non-functional, the deck board may sag or buckle under load, compromising the integrity of the vehicle's rear structure. Toyota backs all genuine parts with a warranty for added peace of mind. In sum, a functional Deck Board Reinforcement Sub-Assembly (#58403-0C010) contributes significantly to the overall structural resilience and safety of a Toyota vehicle, ensuring it can handle the demands of daily use and heavy loads.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 58403-0C010

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