Cabin Mounting Bracket Plate

About this product

The Cabin Mounting Bracket Plate (#51735-04020) is a pivotal Body part in Toyota's Cab Mounting & Body Mounting system. Its primary role is to provide sturdy support for the vehicle's cab, effectively absorbing vibrations and shocks from the road. The bracket plate works in tandem with the cab mounts, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. Toyota's authentic Cabin Mounting Bracket Plate (#51735-04020)s are crucial for compatibility. They are designed to fit perfectly in their respective models. These genuine parts come with Toyota's reliable parts warranty, testifying to their durability and quality. Over time, the Cabin Mounting Bracket Plate (#51735-04020) can wear out due to constant exposure to road impacts. If not periodically replaced, a worn or broken bracket plate can lead to unstable cab positioning, resulting in compromised ride comfort and safety. In conclusion, the Cabin Mounting Bracket Plate (#51735-04020) plays a crucial role in ensuring a safe and smooth driving experience by maintaining the stability and positioning of the vehicle cab.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 51735-04020

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