Battery Charger Conn Opening Lid Sub-Assembly

About this product

The Battery Charger Conn Opening Lid Sub-Assembly (#58409-47020) is an essential electrical component within Toyota's Battery & Battery Cable system. It serves the primary function of providing a secure and efficient connection point for the battery charger, ensuring a seamless power transfer for recharging the vehicle's battery. As part of its function, the Lid Sub-Assembly features a robust closure mechanism that protects the charger connection from dust, moisture, and physical damage. However, due to wear and tear, periodic replacement is necessary to maintain optimal functionality. If left old or broken, this can lead to poor charger connectivity, interrupted power transfer, and potential damage to the battery. By utilizing genuine Toyota parts, like the Battery Charger Conn Opening Lid Sub-Assembly (#58409-47020), you maximize your vehicle's compatibility and benefit from Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This part, when functioning correctly, greatly contributes to the overall efficiency of your vehicle's electrical system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 58409-47020

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