Main Muffler Heat Insulator

About this product

The Main Muffler Heat Insulator (#58327-0C120) is a crucial component in the Floor Insulator system of a Toyota vehicle. This auto part efficiently handles the heat produced by the muffler, working to shield the vehicle's body from excessive temperatures. As part of its operation, it dissipates heat and prevents it from causing potential damage to nearby components. Over time, the Main Muffler Heat Insulator (#58327-0C120) may degrade due to exposure to high temperatures and harsh conditions. If the part becomes old or breaks, it could compromise the vehicle's safety by exposing other components to high heat levels. Using genuine Toyota parts helps to maintain vehicle compatibility, and they are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The Main Muffler Heat Insulator (#58327-0C120) not only contributes to the overall safety of the vehicle but also to its efficiency, ensuring that the heat produced by the muffler is managed effectively.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 58327-0C120

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