Drive Shaft Heat Insulator #1

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The Drive Shaft Heat Insulator #1 (#43498-02260), a vital Engine-Fuel part in the Cylinder Block system, plays a significant role in maintaining engine efficiency. Its primary function is to insulate the drive shaft, reducing heat transfer and protecting surrounding components from extreme temperature. The use of genuine Toyota parts is recommended for ideal compatibility and performance. If this part becomes old or damaged, it could fail to insulate properly, causing excessive heat build-up within the system. This can lead to potential damage to other parts and decreased system performance. Furthermore, Toyota backs its genuine parts with a warranty, giving additional peace of mind. Timely replacement and regular inspection of the Drive Shaft Heat Insulator #1 (#43498-02260) is key to maintaining system efficiency and safety, offering protection from potential heat damage and ensuring top performance of your engine.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 43498-02260

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