Floor Carpet Hook

About this product

The Floor Carpet Hook (#58521-0E050), a crucial body part in the Mat & Carpet system of your Toyota car, is responsible for firmly securing the floor carpet in place. This Hook plays a pivotal role in preventing the floor carpet from shifting or bunching up, thus maintaining a clean, organized interior and avoiding possible driving distractions or impediments. With constant use, the hook may wear out, loosen, or break, causing the carpet to move and possibly interfere with pedal operation, which can be dangerous. Therefore, periodic replacement is essential for safety. By choosing a genuine Toyota Floor Carpet Hook (#58521-0E050), you can uphold the compatibility and functionality of your vehicle. Plus, Toyota's genuine parts warranty backs these genuine components. In conclusion, a well-functioning Floor Carpet Hook (#58521-0E050) contributes significantly to the overall safety of the vehicle by securing the carpet, thereby eliminating potential accidents due to carpet displacement.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 58521-0E050

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