Rear Floor Service Hole Cover

About this product

The Rear Floor Service Hole Cover (#58325-42040), a crucial component in Toyota's Body Floor Pan & Lower Back Panel and Body Front Floor Panel & Front Floor Member systems, serves as a protective barrier. It is specifically designed to cover and shield the access points to the undercarriage of the vehicle. Genuine Toyota parts like this play a vital role in maintaining vehicle compatibility, and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Should the cover become aged, broken, or non-functional, it may expose the vehicle's internal components to potential damage, debris, and corrosion. Regular replacement of this part is recommended for optimal function. In addition to protecting the vehicle's underbody, the Rear Floor Service Hole Cover (#58325-42040) aids in sustaining the overall health and safety of the vehicle by minimizing the risk of damage to sensitive components.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 58325-42040

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