Front Floor Heater Duct Bracket Right Hand

About this product

The Front Floor Heater Duct Bracket Right Hand (#58157-47010), a crucial part of the Floor Pan & Lower Back Panel system, holds the duct in place, directing hot air properly under the floor of the vehicle. This bracket is paramount for maintaining a consistent and efficient heat distribution, which is crucial for passenger comfort during colder times. Regular replacement is necessary as an old or damaged bracket could disrupt the flow of hot air, impacting the heating system's performance. Genuine Toyota Autoparts are recommended for their compatibility with the vehicle model and are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The bracket's primary role enhances the overall efficiency of the heater system, making winter drives more comfortable and safe for passengers. A malfunctioning bracket may result in uneven heating, impacting the overall vehicle comfort. Therefore, a well-functioning Front Floor Heater Duct Bracket Right Hand (#58157-47010) is essential for a smooth and comfortable drive.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 58157-47010

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