Deck Board Bracket #5 Right Hand

About this product

The Deck Board Bracket #5 Right Hand (#58428-02010), a crucial part of the Floor Pan & Lower Back Panel system in any Toyota vehicle, serves a main function in sustaining the frame of the vehicle and supporting the deck board. While in operation, this bracket holds the deck board firmly, ensuring stability and structural integrity. With genuine Toyota parts, vehicle compatibility is not a question and they come backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Like other parts, a Deck Board Bracket #5 Right Hand (#58428-02010) has its lifespan and needs regular inspection and possible replacement. If it becomes worn, broken, or non-functional, the deck board could potentially shift or collapse, affecting the vehicle's overall structure and safety. In essence, a properly functioning Deck Board Bracket #5 Right Hand (#58428-02010) contributes significantly to the vehicle's safety and structural coherence, keeping the car intact and the passengers secure.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 58428-02010

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