Rear Floor Board #1

About this product

The Rear Floor Board #1 (#58415-06130), a vital component in Toyota's Body Floor Pan & Lower Back Panel and Body Suspension Crossmember & Under Cover systems, serves a fundamental function in maintaining the structural integrity of the vehicle. Acting as a foundation, it supports passengers and equipment, whilst isolating the interior from road noise and heat. Being exposed to constant strain, wear and tear, and environmental elements, the Rear Floor Board #1 (#58415-06130) may deteriorate over time, needing replacement. Failing to do so can compromise the vehicle's structure, leading to safety concerns and decreased comfort levels. Opting for genuine Toyota parts aids in maintaining vehicle compatibility, with a genuine parts warranty for added assurance. Replacing your Rear Floor Board #1 (#58415-06130) with a genuine Toyota part not only ensures optimal performance but also contributes to the safety and efficiency of the car's systems.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 58415-06130

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