Rear Floor Board Assembly #2

About this product

The Rear Floor Board Assembly #2 (#58480-35040-C2), a vital auto body part in the Floor Mat & Silencer Pad system, provides a robust surface for the driver and passengers and actively reduces noise within the vehicle cabin. As part of the system, it diminishes vibrations and absorbs sound, creating a quieter, more comfortable ride. Over time, wear and tear can degrade its effectiveness, potentially leading to a noisier vehicle interior and less comfortable ride. Genuine Toyota parts are essential for maintaining the vehicle's compatibility and performance. If left unchecked, a worn-out Rear Floor Board Assembly #2 (#58480-35040-C2) could even compromise the vehicle's safety. All genuine Toyota parts come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty, reaffirming our commitment to excellence. In summary, a well-maintained Rear Floor Board Assembly #2 (#58480-35040-C2) enhances the vehicle's overall efficiency and safety, ensuring a smooth, quiet ride and a comfortable in-cabin environment.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 58480-35040-C2
Color_Name BLACK

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